Contacting Us

If you have a comment, query or suggestion

We've already answered a lot of the most common questions we get in our FAQ list, so please check whether your concerns are already addressed there before emailing us.

Our general contact email address is:

If you're reporting abuse

Where practical please use the form below to report abused shortened URLs. This is a semi-automated process and allows us to quickly place a warning on reported URLs. Paste the shortened URL that's being used against our terms in the box below and press the button to get started: -

If you'd prefer to email us instead (e.g. if you need a response) or have an issue the form isn't suitable to report, then our abuse contact email address is:

If you'd like a response please state this clearly at the beginning of your email since we do not typically reply to abuse reports (although we read them all and take action where appropriate).

We aim to deal with abuse reports within 24 hours, but often manage much better. We will typically respond to reports by disabling affected shortened links and adding their destinations to our blacklist if appropriate.